This is the first video I have shot for a class. It was fun and I learned a lot about my friend who has been battling with a bulimic eating disorder. I followed her around for a couple days and was ticked off that her therapist wouldn't let me come into their session. I would have liked to have access to a light kit at the time to make the interview look better. This was edited in iMovie instead of Final Cut Pro because the Woldt lab doesnot offer that application. I would like to learn how to use Cut Pro better than just the things that I have learned in class and i wish that I had more "cutaway" film to use.


SoundSlides on Brenden Murphy from 421: UFC Cage Fighting

SoundSlides from 422:
caregiver story on Nicole Blankenship

Assignment numero dos.

I like to pretend I'm Spanish.
So for this assignment, I shot a photo imitation of my favorite photographer, Sally Mann. Below, I imitated "Jesse At 12" by Mann...it was kind of hard getting someone to pose topless, but I think it's rather classy looking and I am digging the rim light I got.

The original Jesse At 12 by Sally Mann:

My version:

And another:

Also shot the girls in their converse:


(I think Lynsey's hair looks like a Troll Doll)

And then of course, I had to re-shoot my photo illustration that I took waaaay back in the day in studio and the goal was to eliminate the backdrop line that I had in the original photograph, and this is what I got:



mphs game

so i was job shadowing ryan evon last night at the mt. pleasant high school hoops game. i'll admit i wasn't too stoked about the whole shooting sports thing, but as we all know, i SUCK at it and it needed to be done. all in all, ryan had some great tips and was really nice and helpful. i am excited about the shots i got of trey slam dunking and i got some other cool shots too. i had fun and learned some good stuff. i don't know what settings ryan flipped on my camera but it's shooting much quicker now and the focus is better, so thank you sir ryan. pics up soon...wish me luck on this damn math exam tomorrow that i'm freaking out about right now.

annnd here they are:






i'm sad that every one else is uploading photos right now in class and i have nothinggg. ahh.
i am uber excited to job shadow with lisa yanick on wednesday at the cmu hoops game :) we'll see how it goes..


It is almost 9 in the morning. I wish it was 9 in the afternoon, maybe I wouldn't feel so tired. It pisses me off that my boyfriend is in MY bed sleeping still and I have to leave for MATH class in 10. 1st quiz of the semester today, let's hope I do well :)



I don't find the middle finger absolutely necessary, and I think people use it way too much. This finger does nothing but give out a big fuck you and puts people in bad moods. The end.