This is the first video I have shot for a class. It was fun and I learned a lot about my friend who has been battling with a bulimic eating disorder. I followed her around for a couple days and was ticked off that her therapist wouldn't let me come into their session. I would have liked to have access to a light kit at the time to make the interview look better. This was edited in iMovie instead of Final Cut Pro because the Woldt lab doesnot offer that application. I would like to learn how to use Cut Pro better than just the things that I have learned in class and i wish that I had more "cutaway" film to use.

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  1. Much better than my first attempt at video. Even though there is room for improvement on technical things like sound, I really liked the visuals in your film. The cut away shots are great along with the topic of the video. It's cool that you instantly shot video as if you were still shooting stills, that was something that took me a while to figure out for some reason. Awesome job!